Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Law, ya'll! Didja think I'd run off? I know I just started this dadblame blog and here I go near three weeks without a lick or a promise. I'm about worn completely out! It's late here at the farm so I can't go into it because if Mel doesn't lay his head down at 10:30 sharp there's heck to pay in the morning, and of course you know he's a big old baby and needs a warm body next to him. So stay tuned, cause tomorrow I'm back online!

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dale ann cubbage said...

Girl, you are hilarious! I loved reading all your stories. And I'm pleased as pie to be the first to comment on your new bloggie!

I'm a city girl stuck in a small town . . . going on 9 years. But you know what, it's starting to stick with me. I think I love it.

I'm gonna be checking in on you, cause I can tell, you got some stories to tell!