Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

A big welcome and hi-yo to all ya'll out there on the Internet reading this. I am just tickled pink to be here visiting with ya'll and can't hardly believe that a girl like me is reaching out into the big shiny world to make a bunch of shiny new friends!

Mel turned me on to the Internet about a year ago. Fannie, says he, you've got to pick yourself up out of this funk you are in and reach out and touch someone. He knows the winter gets me down, see, and he knows not anything will do but for me to have some friendly idle gossip and chat with some friends. So I found that I just dearly love the Internet and I'm so excited to meet new friends on this blog.

Look at me getting carried away talking before I even know what's what. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Fannie and I live way out in the great big middle of nowhere with my husband Mel, our two nasty rascal boys, Bobby and John David, and my princess Pea, Shelby who's that baby and just about as spoiled as a three year old can get. We have two cats a gray tom named Walter and a tabby named Duchess and we have eleven chickens, four goats, a mess of cattle and some random possums and raccoons.

I'm a small town girl that has never known life in the big city apart from whatever I watch on Bravo T.V. and read about in my People magazine which comes in the mail every two weeks on the dot. I love when that People magazine comes in. I tell Mel that's my private time and I will not be disturbed for naught so he best leave me be and I lock myself in the bathroom with a bubble bath and longneck and take to the runways, baby.

I don't think I would like city living much, although I dearly love to travel up to the big city that's about an hour away and let Mel take me out on the town. The closest I get to luxury in our neck of the woods is a ten ounce sirloin and baked potato and The Bottletop Diner. And it closes at eight each evening so it's not much of a night on the prowl when you frequent that place.

Small town life can't be bled out of ya, though. I don't think I could go fifteen minutes without knowing my Momma was up the road if I needed a recipe or some advice on planting potatoes or if I want to throw Mel out on his ear. Plus I just can't stand to not be able to see grass. There's something wrong with having more grass than concrete in a place.

I am a domestic engineer although I will thank you to know that I have my associates degree from our local community college and I use my education to rear my three fine children. I dearly love to be at home with my kids and my Mel, if I can get him to scrape his boots when he comes in the door. There is nothing more Fung Shui to me than having my hands deep in some bread dough or potting soil or paper mache project with the kids.

We are an old fashioned family and when Mel gets home from the plant where he works and after all his evening business with the animals gets done, we are spending some quality time together as a family.

Well, I can see by that mean old clock on the wall that its about time for me to say goodnight.

I am so looking forward to meeting all ya'll out there and I'm hoping that you'll stop by and say "Hey" and leave me a comment.

Until next time.

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